Reports & Policies

Reports to State

The University of Texas at Austin works to make all reports submitted by The University of Texas at Austin to the State of Texas available in electronic format from this Web page.

Budget Office Review of Certain Salary Changes

Contained within the University of Texas System Budget Rules and Procedures are certain items requiring approval by UT System Administration and/or the Board of Regents. This subset of these Rules applies to salary changes that may require Budget Office review and subsequent follow-up.

Administrative Charge To Auxiliary And Designated Fund Units

A rate of 5% will be assessed on all qualifying expenses of auxiliary and designated fund units. The current rate of 5%, plus investment income earned on balances for these units, reimburses the University for direct and indirect administrative services.

Lapsing Policy for Fiscal year End Balances

Effective fiscal year ending August 31, 2009, there will be no institutional lapsing. Under the previous lapsing policy, all fiscal year ending balances for certain fund types were lapsed. This document outlines the new policy.

Prior Years Budget Information

Budget Information for each Fiscal Year from 2013-2020, including the Operating Budget Calendar‚Äč, Budgeted Expenditures by Dean/Vice President Units and Departments, Operating Budget, and University Budget Summary Presentation.

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